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  • May I see a menu?
    Of course, even gladly!!!
  • Would like to come for lunch, is there parking available near the restaurant when skiing is open?
    For a visit to the restaurant [120 minutes], 3 parking spaces are reserved directly in front of the restaurant, to the left of the lift ticket offices. If these are already occupied, you are welcome to sit in the “second row”. park.
  • Can my dog go to the restaurant?
    Basically YES! - we are animal friendly, but: he/she: - must be able to get along with other dogs. - should only stay under or to the side of the table (so as not to hinder the work of the service staff, including the serving robot). - always be kept on a leash, the kitchen, storage and bar areas are taboo and there are also people who are afraid. - so-called list dogs such as Rotweiler, Doberman, German Shepherd etc. ONLY WITH Muzzle. There are no exceptions - we insist on it, even if it says 100 times sooo sweet and sooo good and still nieeebit someone. - in rural areas, i.e. Upper Styria, it is common for dogs to stay on the ground. A small lapdog can sit on the armchair or on the bench with a clean blanket/mat brought along - AT THE TABLE, BUT HE/SHE HAS NOT LOST ANYTHING. Also applies to cats, birds, reptiles and mammals of all kinds....
  • Was heißt Bestellannahmeschluss?
    Ganz einfach! Das ist die letzte Möglichkeit um deine Essensbestellung beim Kellner abzugeben. Dessertbestellung ist auch noch später möglich. Geplante Schließzeit ist 22:00 Uhr....bei fleißiger Konsumation gerne auch später!
  • I made a reservation for 7:45 p.m. When is curfew?
    Of course you can enjoy the food you ordered, including dessert and digestif, in peace and quiet. The curfew is 10 p.m. and if it takes longer...don't worry😘
  • Has the food selection been reduced?
    YES, due to very unfortunate circumstances [e.g. a kitchen employee's wife and daughter died in a car accident in late autumn, ...] our workforce has been reduced. Unfortunately, we were unable to find adequate staff in the short term. Hence the reduction.
  • We are planning a short trip to Tauplitz. Have dinner with you in the evening and be the first to hit the slopes in the morning! What accommodation options are there?
    Unfortunately, "the Tauplitzerin" There are no overnight accommodations, but there are a variety of options in the surrounding area, the next ones in a list... Private room with breakfast: Haus Jäger 30m House Kanzler 30m Holiday room without breakfast: Greiner 100m Bed and breakfast: Rosskogel 150m Apartment: Holiday home Mounty 30m Schwaiger 50m Downhilllodge 50m Haus Grimming 100m Kolb 100m Apartment placement: FIS Uwe Rauscher AA Holiday Julie Albers Hotel: Sundial 100m Kreutzer 200m Landhaus Tauplitz 250m Hechl 250m Can also be selected via the reserve page.
  • The restaurant is closed in the evening! What alternatives are there?
    The Wirtsleit also need a break😘. We can fully recommend the following restaurants in Tauplitz and the surrounding area. - Apartment/Restaurant Schwaiger - Hotel/Restaurant Kreutzer - Hotel/Restaurant Hechl - Thomahof (Klachau) - Gasthof Maissl (Furth) - Stoffis Schmankerlstube (Greith)
  • We have reserved a table for today? But our child isn't feeling so well, it could be a slight flu, do you have a quiet table?
    We are not a hospital! Do something good for your child and avoid going to the restaurant today. All meals are also available to take away, including disposable cutlery. We want to get through the season healthy!
  • Why is the chairlift out of service?
    Well that could have several reasons! - Weather (storm >62kmh, poor visibility), because the Alm is in a different weather zone - Technology, every machine can fail at times - Revision work (mid-season) Dear guests, if you have any complaints about the opening times of the mountain railway: ... because you have just traveled 150 km, ... your landlord/hotel has assured that the chairlift is in operation ... and similar things, My restaurant employees are the wrong people to contact. In the village, less than 100 meters away, is the Tourism information, the employees are trained for this and are always up to date.
  • Mein Vermieter meinte, die Tauplitzerin ist geschlossen! Stimmt das?
    Nein und Jein😘! Es stimmt schon das wir die Tauplitzerin im Herbst verlassen und uns nochmals beruflich verändern. ABER JETZT MACHEN WIR NOCH DIE SOMMERSAISON bis einschließlich 15.09.2024
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